April 2016 I set off on another trip round the world. This time however I decided to travel solo on a motorcycle. The plan after having looked at the map a few thousand times was to ride all the way to the eastern side of Russia, ship my bike over to Canada then head south to Ushuia, the most southerly town in the world. From there I will start to make my way home. I want to see the world again and visit places I still have not seen yet. I believe the world is full of nice, warm and friendly people, regardless of what you hear in the news and this is what I want to find. 

I've been around the world before on a single trip but never planned anything this big. This trip will take me into the unknown through countries that some people could not even point to on a map. It's going to be an exciting adventure for sure.

I'm hoping to complete this trip by the end of summer 2017, but let's see how that turns out. The funding for this trip was acquired by myself through good old fashioned working and saving the pennies and I quit my job to take on this adventure. You can follow my blog to track my progress on bike preparations, tips on saving and other things. When I am on the trip I will be sure to tell the adventure the best I can as it unfolds. 

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